Why Odin keep failing

                 Odin is the safest and easiest solution for installing and flashing ROM for Samsung mobile phones. And what if you see fail message in Odin after installing a custom ROM or even stock ROM? Don't panic. It is just a simple user error. I just came across this error yesterday and I found out the solution.

So here is the solution,

First check the log displayed in Odin. If it is a connection error you may have trouble with connecting your Samsung phone. Make sure You installed Samsung USB drivers from Samsung official website.

Download Samsung USB driver official here

Your mobile is still in download mode.

If connection still fails change the USB port or change the cable.

If the log file  says failed to write the file/ partition it is simply because of one thing. You have another PC suit running. Try to uninstall Samsung Kies/ Smart switch/ Smart sync and restart Odin and do the flashing again.

If both solutions doesn't succeed, stop all antivirus/ fire wall software and try again.

Mot of the time running Samsung Kies / Smart Switch is the problem. It interfere with Odin connection. 

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Henry The Genius – The Gravity Machine and the Unknown Invention

Episode 8 Mirrors and Mirrors

        Hi this is an episode from my recent fiction novel. I was working on this novel for a long time and I just finished it. Sorry it is in Malayalam only. But in order to get some exposure and true comments I am trying to translate it in to English. I already published a portion of this chapter in social Medias. Depending on the feedback from social medias I am sharing a short summery about this novel along with the answer for the mystery of this chapter. As I said this is a fiction novel plotting around a fourteen year old boy named Henry. As the title suggest he is a genius who invented several machines during his childhood.

           He lost his family and was brought up by his step mother and step father. One day Henry accidently climbs a forbidden mountain named “Helpo”. And he finds a series of mysteries, problems and wonders. Henry has to solve each mystery and problem to escape from the Helpo. Finally Henry find out an abandoned invention which he repairs and escapes from the mountain. Later he find a scientist in a lonely island. Together they make a vehicle and starts a journey to the space.

           Henry reached in a room made of mirrors. The door closed after he entered the room.  Of course it is also a mirror.

    Awesome! Where ever he looks a number of Henry’s reflecting all of his actions. He mocked, jumped, laughed, thousands of Henry’s copied his action. The more he did, the more he got copied. After a long time of playing he found the sign board.

And so it is written

Open the right door else face the death!

      Ah!  The same thing again! How could it be possible? He cannot even find the door through which he entered. But still he started to examine the room, sorry the mirrors.

       It took long than expected to find out a door. It was so brilliantly made by mirrors and was fixed in such a way that a normal eye cannot recognize it as a door. Once he identified the clues it was very easy to find out the rest of the doors.

But How?

         The doors were embedded with numbers, which helped him. There were numbers of one to ten, as usual it was placed in such a way that you can’t identify easily. Also the reflections. In addition, there were no other specialties to identify them as doors. 

      Now the doors are there, but how to find the right one?

        He examined the Sign board again. Unusually it was made of glossy reflective metal. Furthermore it was not fixed anywhere. He took it and look for clues, front back and sides. He was disappointed the outcome. Somehow he noticed the reflection on the mirrors. There was something reflecting in the metal. He look the metal board thoroughly. At a certain inclination the metal reflects something, a word. He found out that there were more.

Somehow he managed to identify one word, and it is written as


He has no idea about that word. But the last incidents forced him to think differently.


I think you have guessed how Henry find the word.

Henry guessed that it is the short form of No Door Number 3. 

So easy, now he have to find the rest of the words. With a little struggle he found the whole words.


Can you identify the correct words? Can you find the correct door from these clues?

Anyway Henry has to find out the correct word, in order to open the correct door. I bet you will be surprised by the correct answer. 

So here is the findings of Henry.

NO WIFE  - if you arrange the letters it will become NO FIWE. Forget about the spelling. So it means No five, fifth door is incorrect.

NO SEX – No six. So sixth door is also a no no.

NINE’O  -  What does it means? Is it a yes for Nine or not. Well it is little confusing. So keep it apart.

NIGHT   -  Means No Eight ( common add the missing letters). So a big no for Eighth door.
NO EVE   -  if added the missing NO SEVEN.

FORUN    -  If it is arranged NFOUR. May be it is no four. Well it is also in doubt list.

NET -  Easy. TEN. So it is a definite yes for door number TEN.

ENDON – Already solved. No door number 3.

TOWN – NTWO. So it is also in doubt list.

NONE  - N ONE. Also in doubt.

          So the possibilities for door numbers one, two, four and nine are a yes or no. Only door number TEN has no such confusion. So Ten will be the right answer.

(Just a minute. Have you solved this puzzle already? Have you found the same answer, in the same way?

Anyway Henry did it. He has to open the door. But how? There is nothing to open that door. )

Henry seems little confused. 

         Wait, is it the right answer? There won’t be any straight answer for these problems. So there is something missing. Henry remembered what happened in the hanging bridge (from previous episode). The way seems to be right is the wrong way. So you have to think in such a way that you will find the RIGHT. So definitely ten is not the answer. Henry began to examine the Sign board again.

“Oh. GOD Why I am so blind! Why this was not revealed earlier?” He murmured.
What is the oddest word in that sentence? It is NINE’O. Why? There is a symbol (‘) in that word. No other word contains such thing. So it is the right word and right door. 

What does it mean? Henry was thinking deeply. Suddenly his eyes glazed. 

“‘” means you have to twist something in clockwise direction. And what?

In order to find what should be twisted he has to examine the Ninth door. Let him examine it.

(Have you find this clue early? Have you guessed nine will be the right answer? Well there will be more problems to solve. So keep reading).

Henry seems little disappointed. He couldn’t find the thing to twist. There is nothing in that mirror. But Henry thoroughly examined the surrounding mirrors. 

There it is. 

He found a hexagonal shaped mirror of an area of 15 cm2. It was placed above the Ninth door. At first he didn’t notice it. (Henry you have to be careful in those reflections).
He pushed that hexagonal mirror. It went inside and came out. He twisted the hexagon.


Some strange sound heard. He waited. But nothing happened.

Actually there was a door opened slightly. Mr. Henry was expecting the Ninth door to open. He strongly believed that his answer was right. And there was no sound while the door opened. 
Can you guess which door is opened?

Drop your suggestions, comments and answers.
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GBoard an easy keyboard for iphone

gboard keyboard for iphone
Google introduce a new keyboard named Gboard for iphone users. Its is a normal keyboard with added Google search feature ie you can easily search for shops, cafes, emojis, GIFs while chatting with your friends and you can send it directly.
Still confused?
This keyboard application removes the burden of going to your browser, search for something and copy pasting back to your chat application. 
Read more in Google official blog
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How to make Google Doodles

We love Google. Right? Every day I look for new google doodles while searching. Google doodles are always creative, fun and informative. Did you played with Google doodles yet? Go to http://www.google.com/doodles and play with the letters of GOOGLE. Google change their icon in search page to a playable/ animated doodle if there is a major event happened that day like Independence day, new year etc. 

Ok enough Bla..bla... Do you want to learn about the Google doodle creation process. Watch this video

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How to connect BSNL WiMax to WiFi Router

BSNL wimax is an excellent, affordable broadband service. You can get easily connected to WiFi router to BSNL Wimax. I successfully connected my Wimax device to WIFI router. You can also get connected simply following these steps.
Before rushing, read this post thoroughly, check if you know all the settings, procedures I mentioned. If don't get help from others. In this post there is no configuration is changed for Wimax. So before proceeding make sure your Wimax device is working properly and don't change anything in Wimax!
wimax to wifi

I have following configuration,
  • Dell XPS 14 Laptop (i7 processor, 4GB RAM, NVidia 425M GT GPU, Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit)
  • Point Max IP 2500 Outdoor Wimax unit
  • iBall Baton 150M Wireless N Home Router.
  • Wimax 750 Home Unlimited internet Plan.

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Getting money from your blog


imageIt is the most commonly searched phrase by almost all Blogger. Most Bloggers dream about the money that flows from his/ her blog. You can get lakhs of article about the same thing. I think almost all blogger will write about this topic once in their entire blogging life.

Bloggers share their own experience and ideas. It may work for you or not. It depends. There is no formula that works 100 %

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Gadgets for blogging




I think you already read my post named Software for blogging. In this article I am describing about some cool gadgets that increases the blogging experience.


Smart Phone

smart phoneA good smart phone with internet connection is beneficial if you are a regular blogger. You can make quick post while you are travelling or on free time at your work. You can give instant replies on user comments with a decent phone. This will help to

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Software for blogging

Pencil-writerA computer or laptop with Internet is sufficient for blogging. But if you’re a serious blogger and want to get the most of the blogging experience try to use other tools also.
For convenience I divided the tools into two categories, software and hardware.


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Promote your blog -how to get traffic to your blog

Why I won’t get any traffic?

web traffic
              After publishing your post you are getting the poor traffic! It is a common problem for about all the new bloggers even if you publish the hottest topic. It is because no one knows about your blog or the hottest topic you published. Even search engine won’t mind it for a while i.e, search traffic is limited. There are several ways to increase the traffic to your blog but they are effective only if you work hard.



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Energy saving- Get electricity automatically

Every one is talking about getting cheap electricity. some suggest solar power/ solar electricity is better. But the cost of solar panel is very high. So we have to think about alternate energy producing/ energy saving devices.

I think you already  read my article named Getting out from petrol and diesel. This is the continuation from that post. We can make auto electricity in the same way also. Here is the prototype machine of electricity provider.

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